"I make characters that are cute and engaging yet sometimes dark. I design & illustrate for brands, publications, and commission projects."


Sergio Andujar II

Sergio aka Serganddestroy is a graffiti artist who has taken his artistic styling from the streets of Cleveland to art galleries far and wide. Currently a Graphic and Web designer, Sergio has found himself using his hand drawn sketches to create an extensive library of digital art. Looking for new ways to apply his creativity, he has made a seamless transition to the world of Designer Toys. 

"I enjoy Destroying what an item was and transforming it into something new. The new Creation still has its original soul with a little street flair."

Sergio balanced his day job with personal creative work, like painting records, canvases and screen printing, which garnered attention from companies such as Nintendo, Red Bull, MTV and Fashion Week Cleveland. 

"My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find a balance between my graffiti background and character design. I find that these two worlds allow for endless creative outcomes." 

Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable images. Destroy to Create.



(216) 440-0055



Secret underground hq
Cleveland, OH 



CHARACTER DESIGN         LOGO DESIGN                             ILLUSTRATION           (MURALS) GRAFFITI             TOY DESIGN